Chefmade 304 Stainless Steel Butter Cutter Four-Corner Cutter WK9290
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CHEFMADE 304 Stainless Steel Butter Cutter Four-Corner Cutter Pemotong Mentega Pemotong Empat Sudut


Why Choose Chefmade Butter Cutter?


The edge of the cutter is sharpened with advanced machinery to create a dual zone edge 

  1. The blade of this butter cutter adopts a bevel grinding process to double its sharpness: Compared with ordinary knives, this knife is designed for butter. Cutting butter is as smooth and easy as cutting tofu.
  2. Right-angle design, convenient and labor-saving: the blade part is bent at a right angle of 90, which is not only more labor-saving, but also convenient to cut out butter blocks of uniform size and shape. The cutting amount can be counted, and the cut butter blocks are beautiful and even
  3. This butter cutter adopts a one-piece design from the handle and the blade, and there will be no disconnection between the blade and the handle during use.