Chefmade Cake Stripping Knife WK9162
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Chefmade Cake Stripping Knife WK9162


Why choose chefmade baking stripping knife?

  • The chefmade baking stripper is made of food-grade ABS material, and it is extremely  comfortable to use for long periods of time. The hammer-shaped design of the blade makes it easy and quick to insert into the cake. The sharp corner design of the cutter head makes it easy to remove the film.
  • Food-grade ABS material is better than PP in terms of strength, has slightly higher temperature resistance than PP, and  has higher surface gloss than PP.


Chefmade Product Advantage:

  1. Food grade ABS material: The product adopts food materials and has passed EU food-accessible hygiene standards, which is safe and healthy. Smooth surface, a comfortable touch and is easy to clean
  2. Hammer-shaped design of the blade: The hammer-shaped design of the blade makes it more convenient and easier to make cakes. A good product that is always available in the making of awe-inspiring cakes
  3. Mechanical hook design + convenient storage: mechanical hook design, easy to hang, save space
  4. Integrated design: Integrated design, precision production, sturdy and durable