Chefmade 11CM Milk Pot Non-Stick Melting Butter Pot - WK3002 WK3002-01
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CHEFMADE 11CM Milk Pot Non-Stick Melting Butter Pot - WK3002 WK3002-01


Why choose chefmade 11cm non-stick mini colorful milk pan?


Made of 0.6mm carbon steel material, high strength, safe and hygenic, easy to clean

  1. 0.6mm thick carbon steel material: using 0.6mm carbon steel, high strength, high temperature resistance, strong and durable
  2. Non-stick coating treatment: The non-stick coating treatment is adopted, and the surface has a good non-stick effect, allowing you to experience its non-stick properties during the baking process
  3. Surface paint process: adopts high-quality paint process, stylish and beautiful, easy to clean, resistant to high temperature heating and not easy to fall off
  4. Metal edging design: golden edging design is adopted around the milk pan to prevent hand injury. Healthy and safe, easy to clean
  5. High-quality rivet connection: the pot body and the handle are connected by strong rivets, which is more robust and practical


Instructions for use:
CHEFMADE Non-stick cookware is suitable for induction cookers, gas stoves and other stoves
B. Please use wooden or nylon spatula when cooking to avoid metal spatula from scratching the inner wall of the pot, which will cause non-stick performance
C. It is recommended to cook on a low fire to avoid long-time empty pot boiling, which will easily cause the pot body to deform and reduce the service life
D. After cooking, clean the pot after the pot has no residual temperature, and wipe off the water stains to keep the pot lasting bright as new
E. Do not store acidic and alkaline foods, stagnant water and salt water in the pot for a long time to avoid corrosion of the pot surface
F. Do not use hard sanitary ware to clean pots and pans. It is recommended to use a soft cloth to clean the pot