Chefmade 12 Cups Non-Stick Whoopie Cookie- WK9405
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CHEFMADE 12 Cups Non-Stick Whoopie Cookie- WK9405


Reasons for choosing chefmade baking mould?


The chefmade cake mould adopts a combined stamping and forming process for durability. The coating is the most important part of the mold. Because it is directly in contact with the food, it is not easy to peel off if the coating is not good. The material under the product coating is related to the heating of the food. Lead to the success of making the cake. The chefmade mold adopts international brand non-stick coating and uses heavy carbon steel material


Heavy carbon steel material:
Seamless, non-stick, circulating three-dimensional heat conduction. The chefmade cake mould adopts seamless processing, one-piece stamping molding process is durable, thick heavy carbon steel, different from the proficient carbon steel and stainless steel, the product has good stability, uniform heat conduction, and the structure is theoretically not easy to deform for 10-15 years


Size: 32.6cm x29.1cm x (1cm height)

Weight: 660g

Suitable: Cookie, Biscuits