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Chefmade Oval Cheesecake Mould Bakeware WK9062
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CHEFMADE Oval Cheesecake Mould Acuan Cheesecake Bentuk bujur

  • Chefmade products are certified in the USA by the FDA. 
  • Germany LFGB certificate means the product does not contain toxic substances that are harmful to the body and are allowed to be sold in Germany and other European and American markets.
  • French authority DGCCRF for food contact materials has also tested and certified CHefmade products to be safe.
  • Numerous certification for product quality such as SGS, TUV, Intertek, BureauVerita

Most of us dont have the skills of a chef and may not have the time to practice and improve our baking skills. Chefmade can really help improve our baking experience because of the technology thats incorporated. Makes it easier for us to bake like professional bakers.


*  The chefmadecheesecake mould adopts a combined stamping and forming process for durability.
*  The coating is the most important part of the mould. Because it is directly in contact              with the food, it is not easy to peel off if the coating is not good. The material under the        product coating is related to the heating of the food. 
*  A good quality coating will contribute to the success of the cake.
*  The chefmade mould adopts a 3 layer silicon super non-stick coating that are non-               Teflon, no harmful substance release in high temperature, PTFE & PFOA FREE.

Heavy carbon steel material
*  Enhanced edge makes it easier to hold, and makes the pan stronger
*  Seamless, non-stick, circulating three-dimensional heat conduction.
*  The chefmade cake mold adopts seamless processing, one-piece stamping molding            process is durable, thick heavy carbon steel, 
   different from the proficient carbon steel and stainless steel, the product has good               stability and uniform superior heat conduction
* The structure is theoretically not easy to deform for 10-15 years (except vandalism                damage) will last many years with good care.

Easy to Use
*  Excellent layers cake pan non-stick can be achieved with less natural cooking oil.
*  Less baking time means lower energy consumption.
*  The cake releases easier, allow to cool slightly first before attempting to remove the cake
*  Easier to clean,avoid soaking,  hand wash with warm soapy water not in dishwasher,            dry thoroughly as soon as possible
*  Safe to use up to 220 degrees celsius

Product Spec
- Top piece 22cm long x 11cm wide x 5cm high
- Material is 0.8mm thick and very strong
- 1 piece of cheesecake mould  enclosed in plastic,  in a cardboard box
- Total weight  approximately 258g without the box
- Champagne Gold colour
- NON STICK silicon coating (Non-Teflon, LEAD/PTFE/PFOA/APEO-Free)



Chemade Oval Shape Cheesecake Baking Paper (Sold Separately)

  1. Food Grade Paper
  2. Double sided Available
  3. Safety And Health
  4. Easy Mold Release